5 Programming Principles You Should Know - Mad Developer

The term Programming Principles is considered as an art in the programming community. Here are 5 Programming Principles, 1.KISS 2. DRY 3. SRP 4. OCP 5. SOC

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10 JavaScript Functions You Should Know - Mad Developer

Functions are one of the most integral parts of any language. Similarly in JavaScript, functions are considered as an organized and reusable block of code.

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4 big differences between forEach and map in Javascript - Debug Everything

These two are the most used, forEach and map in Javascript. But I believe there is a lot of doubt between these two methods.

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ES6 features to be implement in ES5 way Javascript - Javascript World

You learn how Javascript ES6 features can be written in ES5 way. For example ES6 const how it can be written using objects in ES5.

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How to copy / clone array in javascript ?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to copy/ clone as an array. You will also learn the concept of deep copy, shallow copy, and how objects are stored in Javascript.

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A Blog For Data Science.

A Blog For Data Science, Machine learning.Our sole purpose is to help you find compelling ideas, knowledge, and perspectives.

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10 Object Methods To Explore In JavaScript - Mad Developer

Object methods are the static methods belong to Object class in JavaScript. Object class is the important data type of the language.

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JavaScript this keyword with Examples - Dot Net Tutorials

In this article, I am going to discuss JavaScript this keyword with Examples. The JavaScript this keyword refers to the current object.

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cache API in Javascript

This is a small Tutorial about using the Cache API in Javascript The Cache API have a big role in the Offline Modus of many web Apps. It…

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CODE - Node.js, Express & MongoDb: Build a CRUD Rest Api example

Node.js, Express & MongoDb: Build a CRUD Rest Api example

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Don't Make These Mistakes Whilst Learning How to Code

Learning how to code can be invaluable, coding skills are more in demand than ever before so now is a...

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How to Create a Professional Chat API Solution with Sockets in NodeJS [Beginner level]

Learn how to create a complete socket based chat application with noSQL database mongo.

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How to Implement 8 Essential Graph Algorithms in JavaScript

In this article, I will implement 8 graph algorithms that explore the search and combinatorial problems (traversals, shortest path and matching) of graphs in JavaScript. The problems are borrowed from the book, Elements of Programming Interviews in Java [https://www.google.com/books/edition/Elements_of_Programming_Interviews_in_Ja/ux3PCwAAQBAJ?hl=en&gbpv=0] . The solutions in the book are coded in Java, Python or C++ depending on what version of the book you own. Although the logic behind th

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6 Amazing JavaScript Destructuring Tricks

Excluding object properties, avoiding naming collisions, swapping, and more

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Método Javascript Array Filter() - Debug Eveything

Javascript Array filter() cria um novo array a partir de um array existente que satisfaz uma condição específica o método pode ser usado de diversas maneiras.

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map và set trong ES6

Map vs Set ES6. Bạn đã bao giờ chán học về ES6? Bởi vì ES6 đã có quá nhiều lời bàn tán về những tính năng, cách sử dụng... Với tôi, tôi chưa hề chán. Bởi vì tôi biết rằng rằng có rất nhiều API thường được sử dụng trong ES6, không hơn, không kém và chúng chỉ phù hợp để sử dụng trong các dự án.

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Top 10 ES6 Interview Questions & Answers {Updated for 2020}

In the above article, we have kept the most asked ES6 Interview Questions with their detailed answers to it. So that you can crack the interview with ease.

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Ngân Hoàng

#ndsreview # ** ELON MUSK** > Chúng tôi luôn có cảm giác mình phải đối mặt với thách thức không thể vượt qua nổi và cần đoàn kết lại để chiến đấu vì những điều tốt đẹp. Sự kiện phóng tên lửa Falcon...

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Top 5 JavaScript Web Scraping libraries

We’ll learn basic web scraping with JavaScript and Nodejs

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How to make your code faster using JavaScript Sets

If you only use arrays, you’re missing a trick

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How to check if JavaScript Object is empty (Example)

A protip by kyleross about objects, prototype, javascript, and isempty.

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10 Tricky JavaScript Coding Interview Questions (And Solutions)

Some tricky questions in the coding interview you are going to face. These questions will look easy but there is something fishy. So today…

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Elasticsearch and NodeJS Tutorial — CipherTrick

Elasticsearch is a RESTful search and analytics database. I have worked with Elasticsearch in more than one projects but every time I do I end up looking for the same things online. The documentation is not very well organized and it’s difficult to quickly find the things needed. Hence I have decided to come up …

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Firebase - Short introduction for beginners

Learn how to use Firebase, Google's mobile application development platform that helps you build, improve, and manage your app.

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Web Scraping là gì? 4 cách học web scraping với javascript và nodejs

Web Scraping là gì? Web Scraping là trích xuất dữ liệu từ một bất kỳ website hay còn gọi là "cào" dữ liệu trên một trang web. Không giống như quá trình trích xuất dữ liệu thủ công, Web Scraping sử dụng tự động hóa thông minh để lấy hàng trăm, hàng triệu hoặc thậm chí hàng tỷ dữ liệu trên internet. Học web scraping cũng không khó, nhất là những lập trình viên sử dụng javascript và nodejs.

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Web Scraping with Javascript and NodeJS

Learn web scraping with Javascript and NodeJS with this step-by-step tutorial. We will see the different ways to scrape the web in Javascript through lots of example.

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Why AsyncLocalStorage instead of LocalStorage?

Cons of LocalStorage LocalStorage is synchronous, each local storage operation you run wil...

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ReactJS - Những điều bạn cần phải biết | TopDev

Ngày nay, ReactJS đã trở nên rất phổ biến bởi những tính năng linh hoạt và đơn giản với hơn 1,300 developer và hơn 94,000 trang web đang sử dụng ReactJS. Nhiều người ám chỉ rằng ReactJS sẽ là tương lai của việc phát triển web. ReactJS là một thư viện JavaScript mã nguồn mở được thiết kế bởi Facebook để tạo ra những

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What is React ⚛️🤔 and the concept of Componets in React

Hmm, You have open this blog then you must be the React Developer or Want to know the about the trend...

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ES2020 - Dynamic import

ES2020 javascript đã cung cấp cho developers thêm nhiều chức năng như Optional Chaining, Nullish coalescing Operator... Và trong đó có một tính năng tuyệt vời đó là Dynamic Imports. Và do đó, trong bài viết này, tipjs sẽ giúp bạn hiểu và khi nào sử dụng về Dynamic import trong javascript.

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Array's Avengers: forEach(), filter(), map() and reduce()

If you are reading this, you must know what arrays are? So, here's a quick intro of arrays....

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Best free resources to learn React in 2020

Over recent years, React has grown to become the most popular and widely-used JavaScript UI library...

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Debug javascript chrome

I think everyone has encounter a bug in his life - not the natural, but the real one - the code one. Like really, even the most experienced programmers need to watch out for bugs. These are such easy-to-do and nasty things, that you can consider yourself lucky if you haven't ever had one in your code-base.

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JavaScript: What's New in ECMAScript 2020

Learn the new features introduced by ECMAScript 2020 in JavaScript.

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Advanced Features: Dynamic Import | Next.js

Dynamically import JavaScript modules and React Components and split your code into manageable chunks.

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Social Network for Programmers and Developers

Morioh is the place to create a Great Personal Brand, connect with Developers around the World and Grow your Career!

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Promise.all with Async/Await

Let's say I have an API call that returns all the users from a database and takes some amount of time to complete. Now there's another call…

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Vanilla JavaScript get Timestamp

Today I needed to get a timestamp to include in a unique file that I'm generating with Node.js. It's...

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Using Import aliases in JavaScript

For those of us who missed ES6 module syntax introduction; what are import aliases and why it’s important for a particular use case.

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Upload Multiple Files to Firebase Storage with Angular

Build a dropzone file uploader in Angular that can send multiple files to Firebase storage simultanously.

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Lấy metadata từ url sử dụng nodejs

Metadata là gì? Phân tích url từ nodejs chúng ta có thể lấy Title, Description, Keywords và Images từ một url. Một tips nodejs đơn giản nhưng hiệu quả dành cho dev mới. Giờ đây khi sử dụng node thì có rất nhiều module hỗ trợ từ npm, cho nên rất dễ dàng.

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5 Way to Append Item to Array in JavaScript

5 ways to append item to array. Push, Splice, Length will mutate the original array. Concat and Spread won’t and will return a new array…

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